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Research Areas

professional writing, digital publishing, user experience, creative writing, digital humanities


Kate Birdsall joined the faculty in Writing, Rhetoric, & American Cultures in 2014. She is a rhetorician, a creative writer, and a teacher. Her current research centers on professional writing pedagogy and digital publishing, with ongoing secondary projects in digital humanities, genre formulations, and digital communities.

She writes both short and long fiction, personal essays, and academic articles. She loves unreliable narrators and might be a dilettante; she’s definitely an existentialist.

As of summer, 2018, she serves as the director of The Cube (publishing – process – praxis).


Ph.D., Michigan State University (English): 2014
M.A., The University of Akron: 2009


If you ever wonder if the humanities, literature, and language matter in this world, just remember that we're currently having fierce debates on the definitions of genocide and concentration camp and discussing the significance of pronouns to human dignity.

Yes, they matter.

I'm super excited that this idea to #CancelStudentDebt appears to be taking off. I can't even imagine what it would be like not to have make that giant payment every month. #phdlife #professor

Midwest language be like:

No Yeah = Yes

Yeah no = No

Yeah no for sure = Definitely

No yeah no = Oh no, you’re fine

Yeah no yeah = I’m sorry, but unfortunately, the answer is yes

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